Sometimes A Change In Plans Is A Good Thing


I haven’t ran since last Saturday to rest my knee that forced me to quit my 16 mile run at 13 miles. I was thinking about the fact that this has been one of the busiest weeks I have had in quite a while and the timing of that “injury” was actually perfect. Not having to figure out how to squeeze runs in this week has been a real blessing. I for one don’t believe those things work out that way by chance.

What that also got me to thinking about was that in some ways I get to start again. Granted missing one week isn’t taking me back to the beginning, but I do feel like I get a fresh start to my training. So this week I want to concentrate on learning from past mistakes so that I can do it better this time. That can be as simple as wearing a brace on my knee to prevent further injury all the way up to trying to change my stride to have a more efficient run.

The point is that I need to look at what has worked in the past and make sure I keep doing those things. For me that is running with a community of people to encourage me and help me push past my comfort level. I also need to look at what hasn’t worked and find ways to make adjustments. That is sometimes harder because it is a lot more fun to think about what you have succeeded at than what failures we have had. I know one thing that has continued to be a failure of mine this year is getting in morning runs. They make my whole day feel more productive. I feel better about myself and leave time in the evenings to spend with my family. That is a major failure on my part. I have let sleeping in a little longer win over spending more time with my wife and daughters. I plan to work on that in the coming weeks and do better this time.

There is never a need to beat yourself up over failures or let downs. My knee pain last Saturday freed up a bunch of time this week for me to accomplish things that really needed to be done. Failures give us lessons on what not to do. Unfortunately we don’t learn as well from being told something doesn’t work as well as we do by feeling the consequences of it. So learn from past mistakes bust most importantly do it better this time.

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