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This is my friend Molly. Molly as you can see is a triathlon athlete and she is from Lexington. That fact that she does triathlons alone is enough for her to get tons of respect from me and most other people. The cool part is that the respect she gets from me actually comes 10% from the triathlons and 90% from the way she is living her life. We hear all the time about how lazy and self focused younger generations are. How they have an entitlement mentality that will do them (and us) in. That may be true in some cases, but there are people like Molly that are living life with a different mentality.

Molly is in her early 20’s and graduated from UK last year. She grew up with a family that is loving and supportive and I believe she would say she had a wonderful childhood. I have talked about on here recently how it is hard to grow stronger from a place of comfort. I have a feeling that something along those lines was working on Molly as she graduated. Because she had every opportunity available in front of her after graduation, but she decided to travel to India and spend months (not weeks) working with special needs children. Lots of people do mission trips for a week or two and come back home changed forever. No one would have questioned her if she said she wanted to do that, but she felt the need to fully invest in the kids. Not pop in and give them a little hope and head back home to her comfortable life, but really dig in and get uncomfortable and try to make a difference.

You probably are picturing a team of people heading over to spend time in India trying to make a difference. That isn’t what Molly signed up for though. Molly is there alone. Not part of a team, not part of a mission trip, but there doing life with the Indian people….alone. Now, obviously she had help getting connected with a school that she would be working for/with. Some people there that have taken Molly in to see that she is safe and fed, but when it comes right down to it she left every single comfortable thing she knew in the US and headed half way around the world to make a difference.

Molly has been blogging about her experiences in India and the post she put up today actually compares her journey to running. I have said many times that running is an analogy for life. Molly paints that picture better than I ever could in her post. I share the story of my friend Molly, because more than anything I hope you will read her blog. Read this new post and read the older post. You will get encouragement for our future and hopefully be inspired to get out of your comfort zone and make some changes.

Here is a link to her latest post.


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