Go Hard or Go Home????

go hard or go home

So I had the bright idea of writing a post last Friday about fear and how you had to be uncomfortable for growth. I believe that to be true and will keep that as my motivation to get through hard things from now on. It’s possible that I forgot to add a disclaimer to that though. My body decided to make sure that I shared that disclaimer with you.

When you are pushing yourself past your comfort level you have to keep in mind that there is a point that will do more harm than good. If you have a fear of heights it probably isn’t the best idea to to go sky diving. If you actually do get yourself strapped to a parachute and onto the plane you are very likely not going to actually jump out of the plane. If you do there is a decent chance that you may give yourself a heart attack during the free fall. Now, some people may be able to conquer that fear by jumping from a perfectly good plane, but most I fear would not handle the jump so well.

2 Saturdays ago during the group run I ran my 15 miles training run. My knee was pretty sore for the last half of the run and I just ignored the soreness (as best I could) and kept going. After the run it was pretty sore, but after some Ibuprofen it was feeling pretty good again. This week though at around 10 miles I could feel it again and thought here we go again. At 12 miles I was worse and I was thinking I better slow down and take it easy if I’m going to finish. At 13 miles the “discomfort” was feeling more like pain and I decided to walk up the next hill and give it a break. I got to the bottom of the hill and stopped to walk and on the last step my knee almost gave out. I took about 3 steps and turned off the garmin. My run was over and I had a long walk (with a limp) back to the car.

I am fairly certain I have got my IT Band flared up and will be able to get things under control pretty quick. I’m not too concerned about how this will change my training because I am in this to finish a marathon (and beat Oprah’s time) not qualify for Boston or anything crazy. I feel like I could accomplish my goals tomorrow if I had to. The important lesson here is that full throttle all the time can be worse for you than a lack of growth. Maybe sometimes we need to just relax and enjoy our current spot. Get re-energized and then push on again.

We want to better ourselves and get healthier, but there must be a healthy balance. Push yourself out of a period of rest and after pushing hard for a while and making gains you will need to give yourself another period of rest. You will never get anywhere if you stay in a consistent period of rest, but just the same you will flame out and give up if you never give yourself a period of rest. Everything in life is a balance. We need to find the perfect balance for each of us in food, exercise, work, leisure, sleep, etc.

Don’t listen to the people that say go hard or go home, because they will most likely go hard until they are forced to go home. I encourage you to get rested up, go harder than you think you can, gain some ground, get some rest, go harder than you think you can, gain some ground, get some rest, go harder than you think you can, gain some ground, get some rest, go harder than you think you can, gain some ground, get some rest, go harder than you think you can, gain some ground, get some rest,….eventually your go hard will be so much more than you ever imagined it could be.

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