HistoricHaunt.com Is Open For Business


Things are starting to come together. Many of you know that over the last few months Run Richmond has been working behind the scenes to create a race and eventually a race series in Richmond. Well race #1 is set. We have a website www.HistoricHaunt.com. It’s not finished completely, but it is functional. We have registration open. Most importantly we have a great event to make the public announcement of the race. This Saturday at the Officer Daniel Ellis Memorial 5K, Run Richmond will not only be volunteering, but announcing our race to 1500-2000 people.

I couldn’t be prouder of the involvement I have had with the Daniel Ellis race. The way this event is coming together as exactly the type of event I want all Run Richmond races to be. Not just a place to come run whatever distance against competition, but a place to come meet new people and hang out with others that have the same passion for running and getting healthy that you do. I can’t say for sure at this point if there will be a band at the Historic Haunt, but I can say for sure that there will be an atmosphere that will invite people to hang out and have fun. I don’t want this race to be one that after you check your time you head home. The goal is for you to be enjoying the day so much that you just hang out and tell stories, watch the Little Goblins Run or even help clean up. (OK that last one might be a wishful thinking)

This Saturday we are all going to be part of something special at the Daniel Ellis race. That type of environment may never be duplicated again in Madison County. If you haven’t already done so get signed up. There is still time and you won’t regret it. Come see what race day can be like. After you finish a 5K with that type of energy and excitement you won’t think twice about signing up for the Historic Haunt.

The Historic Haunt will offer a 10K race for those ready to do something more. A 5K for people that think more than 3.1 miles requires a car and I am really excited about the Little Goblins Run. This will be approx. 1K or something less then .75 miles. The Little Goblins Run is what will hopefully help kids 10 and under develop a love for running. Juvenile obesity rates are disturbing. Our kids are on a trajectory to fight medical issues their entire life. If we want to make long lasting changes to the health of Madison County we need to get the kids on board. Running and walking are a perfect supplement to a balanced diet. Each kid will get an award for running. I can’t wait to see the pictures of the kids running (hopefully in costumes) across the finish line with huge smiles.

Check out www.HistoricHaunt.com and then go get registered for the race of your choice. I hope to see you Saturday. Rain will not be able to put a damper on the mood at the inaugural Officer Daniel Ellis Memorial 5K.

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