It’s About Race Time (of year)

upcoming-racesWe are getting to that time of year that we really look forward to. Last weekend I got to do my 10 mile training run in shorts and a t-shirt. The winter weather is breaking. Punxsutawney Phil is even on our side. We will certainly still have some cold nasty days, but those should be fewer and mid 50s to 60s are going to happen a lot more often. That means race directors are working over time trying to get you to choose their races.

Many of you reading this (including me) have been full force into your half or full marathon training for weeks. You have a schedule set for the year and you know the big races you plan to do. I heard it said recently that 5K’s have replaced the car wash as the go-to fundraiser. Anyone else notice that running is becoming a lot more popular? I feel that we are at the beginning of a real healthy living trend that is leading us to see more and more runners and walkers. The good news for all these new runners is that they have lots of options.

You can do traditional 5Ks, Color Runs, Donut Runs, or many other themed runs that are fun and fulling at the same time. My suggestion to use it to find a race that either seems extremely fun to you or one that you really want to support the cause behind it. If you truly enjoy a race then you are more likely to want to do it again next year. Well, if you are like me you won’t want to get a slower time next year so you will likely train a little harder and work at making improvements. That is the type of motivation that makes you have life change as opposed to just temporary changes.

Long term commitment to change is hard to come by. Finding events that mean something to you are a great motivator. I want Run Richmond races to be events that you will remember and want to come back to. Our races will make every attempt to draw you back for the next event not just the next year. I want you to have fun with your running and walking so that it isn’t a dreaded thing, but something that makes you smile when you think about it.

March 19th is the Daniel Ellis Memorial 5K. This isn’t a Run Richmond event, but we are doing everything possible to make it that type of event. The cause is amazing. Officer Ellis gave his life for the people of Madison County and now his wife is creating a Memorial Fund to keep giving in his name. I can’t think of a better family to get behind and support. This event will have live music, food, and much more. I encourage you to get signed up for that race. Ellis Sign Up Link

Find other events that mean something to you. Find other events that for whatever reason you just want to do. Sign up and do your best. No one will judge your times if they are slow. I haven’t been to a 5K yet where the last walker crossing the line wasn’t cheered for. It doesn’t matter if  you run or walk, pick the right races and you will have fun and/or be inspired. Just because you think you can’t finish fast enough don’t avoid races. They can do a lot to help you have that life change that you may be striving for.

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  1. MCHS Mock Trial team is hosting a 5K run April 16, 2016 at White Hall. I am looking for volunteers and information about time keeping. Could you help or know where I can get information about time keeping? Thanks

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