Couch To What?!?!

Ed FinishIf you look at the medal closely it says IronMan. That’s rights IronMan which is one of the toughest endurance sports you can attempt. Our very own Ed Talbott made it a Couch to IronMan. We all have to make decision from every so often if we are going to go for it or pull back and find a new goal. I think we can all steal a little motivation from Ed and he will still have plenty to spare.

If you are interested in ultra endurance events Ed is the guy from Run Richmond you want to talk to. I found out Saturday that he has now signed up for a 100 mile trail race later this year. That makes sense right? What else should you do after finishing a IronMan, but go run 100 miles through the mountains.

Ed is full of knowledge and advice, just the other day I saw him share this little nugget of information about IT Band issues with another runner online…”I started doing 70 side leg lifts and 70 clam-shells (for glute strength) on each side, every morning as soon as I get out of bed and it eventually cleared up. Been doing them for over 1,000 straight mornings now.”¬†Anybody ever feel like they don’t want to get up and do their training one morning. For over 30 straight months Ed has gotten up and done the exact same exercise to be sure he stays healthy and can meet his other goals.

Dedication is crucial to meeting any goal. If you aren’t committed than life will get in the way. Not everyone is wired in a way that they have an IronMan on their bucket list, but everyone has something. If your thing is that important to you figure out what you need to do and get going. Be committed to the plan, but give yourself some grace when things don’t work out exactly as you hoped.

Ed wrote a blog post about his Couch to IronMan adventure and I encourage all of you to read it.¬†Next time you see Ed at a race or Run Richmond event you won’t just see a big tall guy that runs fast. You will see a big tall guy that not only has enough faith in himself to set big goals, but he also has the dedication to make them happen. That is an amazing combination.

Couch to IronMan by Ed Talbott

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