A Little Irony In My Post From Last Thursday

Wait-for-perfect-conditionLast Thursday I put this graphic on here and linked an article about Winter Weather Exercise Tips. What I should have been doing is reading that statement to myself a few more times. I put that up right in the middle of a stretch that includes me running zero times in seven days. I haven’t been waiting for perfect weather to get out there. I am not afraid to get a little cold, I know how to properly layer to stay warm. My problem has been something bigger than weather.

Life has been consistently getting in my way. I have had unavoidable things hit my schedule the last two Saturdays. I have been busy at work and busy running kids from place to place. Somehow finding the time to run has been a little bit more difficult than normal. Now I am committed and I know without a doubt that I will get back on track and get through my marathon training, but when things start interrupting my training a funny thing happens.

Over the last couple weeks I have ate more food that is bad for me than any two week period in the last year probably. I haven’t been consistently training like normal so I have let my guard down on other things. My weakness is food. I am not one to say I am addicted to food. I learned with cigarettes 20 years ago that I can make a decision to break an addiction and make it happen. I just get lazy and the quick easy stuff is really good and almost always not as good for me. It takes a little extra work usually to prepare a meal that is good and good for you. As I said before, life has been busy and so I have been unwilling to take the necessary time to do what I know is right.

What do you think happens to your health goals when you get busy and don’t train like you want and don’t eat what you want? I have gained weight, and gotten frustrated with myself for it. Which, in many situations, can make a person spiral even farther down a path they will regret. Luckily I am still seeing the positive and realize that life will settle down again. Running is a part of me now not something I make myself do. Training is a release more than it is a requirement. I can’t wait to get out there and run 5, 7 or even 10 miles with you all the next couple months.

I am not afraid of the cold. I am not afraid of small setbacks. I know that it will be a life long war to get myself to where I want to be. Along the way I will lose some battles, sometimes conditions aren’t perfect and it makes it harder to win. That’s OK. You don’t have to win every battle, just keep winning enough battles to be gaining ground on the enemy.

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