Where Do You Want To Go?

Go-Fast Or Go-together

I put this image up a couple days ago and it has been making me think a lot about what I really want and how Run Richmond can play into that. As we grow as people or runners we may start to see success and maybe have to overcome some failures. How easy is it to sit on those failures and let them determine the rest of your journey?Many times in my life I have been heading in a direction and things get hard and I don’t push on. I tried to lose weight many times and never had a success past 2 or 3 months. I could make a change and see some improvements and then when things slowed down, and they always do, I would get frustrated and eventually give up.

How about in running? When you decide you want to run a 5k for the first time. You start training and go out to run. About 30 seconds into the first run your lungs and legs are on fire and you have to walk. As you walk for the next minute or two your mind starts thinking about the fact that you just ran around a tenth of mile and you are planning 3.1 miles. Then you get frustrated and the negativity wins and after that run you never get back out there. Or even worse you just turn around and walk home defeated right then.

I think the slogan could be referring to going fast as to reaching your end point quickly. In running going fast in generally a good thing. Nobody is going to get onto you for finishing quickly.  What I am seeing with this now is that you can either go alone and be done soon (quickly) or go together and get far (greater accomplishments).

Life to me isn’t about getting things done and marking them off a list and then moving on. I am not a to-do list kind of guy. To me life is about building relationships that will be beneficial to me and the other people. That way, no matter what I am doing the task is an after thought and the focus is spending time with the people involved. Losing weight this time was so much easier. Not only did I create realistic goals for myself. I got other people involved. The people I ran with weren’t dieting they were just running with me. I wanted to run with them because I enjoyed the relationships. Because of the calories being burned while running (and a change in diet) I lost weight. The weight loss was possible because of the relationships. Without the relationships I would not have got up and ran before work all those mornings last year. I would have for short time and maybe lost 15 to 20 pounds and been done (quickly).

It turned out that I developed a passion for running. I enjoy the people I have gotten to know through running. So, I have kept running. I have lost 50 pounds and I will continue this journey (going far).  Run Richmond may or may not be your thing, but if you want to go far in anything that is difficult find some group to support you. It could be your current group of friends, it could be a church, or it could be one person that shares a passion, but find someone to do the journey with you.

Life is hard. God never promised anyone that it would be easy. What is promised to us is that we don’t have to do it alone. I promise that there are people around you that will do life with you. Sometimes it just takes being vulnerable and letting someone know where you want to go.

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