Daniel Ellis Memorial 5K

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We are a little over a month from this EVENT on March 19th. I don’t feel it is appropriate at this point to call it a race for a couple reasons.

#1 It has become way more than people running 3.1 miles and seeing how fast they can go. This is about people wanting to support wanting to show gratitude for a great man. This is about people wanting to love on and support his wife and family.  This event is going to end up making a vary large donation to the Daniel Ellis Memorial Fund. Katie has big plans for what she would like to do in Daniel’s name. Because of this event she is going to have money to put those plans into action.

#2 This is going to be a party. Imagine hanging out with 1000 or so of your neighbors and getting to know each other better while enjoying great music. Assuming weather permits there will be a live band playing. There will be people there that are more interested in a couch to local bar program than couch to 5K program. That’s OK because Buffalo Wild Wings is in the Richmond Centre.

So keep in mind, and tell your friends, this isn’t about running. It is about a community pulling together to support one of our own. The Ellis family has paid the ultimate sacrifice for Richmond. The least we can do is honor Daniel with an event that Richmond won’t forget anytime soon. If you are an individual that runs or walks sign up for the race. If you are individual that thinks a car is required equipment to travel 3.1 miles. Sign up and come experience the event. The money will be put to good use. If you are part of an organization that would like to be part of the event there are different sponsorship levels that may fit your budget. Let me know and I can get you in touch with the correct people.

Here is a link to the registration page. Daniel Ellis Memorial 5K

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