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Determined is a word that I think can describe a lot of runners. Sometimes you are determined to improve, sometimes to teach your body who is in charge or maybe sometimes to prove to yourself you are capable. Determination is a quality that most people probably wish they could have a little more of. I don’t think I have ever heard someone say, “Well, things would have worked out better if I had been less determined to reach my goal.” Now I will agree that sometimes in hind sight you can realize that your goal wasn’t the correct goal and maybe reaching the goal wasn’t a good thing, but being determined is almost always a good thing.

We can use the focus and determination that fuels our running to reach all sorts of goals. I heard today of an organization that uses running to help addicts overcome addictions. That seems like something that Run Richmond could really get behind. Running can replace all sorts of addictions, foods, drugs and alcohol come to mind quickly but I know there are many others. When your body is suffering from an addiction that is tearing it down a new focus on running not only helps to heal the body, but heal the mind as well.

Sometime in the next couple weeks I will share a People Profile here on the site about a Run Richmond lady that is using her determination to heal her mentally and physically. It is a great story that you will really enjoy. My point with all this is that we need to be sure to encourage each other. Running isn’t easy. Frequently the reason that we are running is bigger than just wanting to lose a few pounds or improve a PR. People use running and walking as a tool to heal themselves. Reach out the people that you know and invite them to come join you on a run. I have found that more often than you would ever guess people will be willing to give it a try.  Your influence and invite can be the thing to start the healing process for someone else.

Here is a great story about a lady that used her determination to beat cancer. It’s a great story that really inspires me.

My Cancer Said I Wasn’t Healthy, So I Proved It Wrong.

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