Hydration Isn’t Just A Summer Concern



We all know that if  you are out exercising in the middle of the summer that hydration is important. It can be (and usually is) the key to a good workout or a miserable workout. Your body loses a lot more water in the summer because of the sweat that attempts to keep your body cool. The fact is that most runs in the winter will cause sweating as well. Not only that, but replacing sweat isn’t the only reason to stay well hydrated.

Hydration is important for many reasons any time of year. Your body just won’t function as well if it is dehydrated. I can assure you this, because I have proven it many times. I really struggle to get enough water in throughout the day. During the summer it seems a little easier because I just know that the heat will zap me and if I don’t prepare I will crash early.

Winter makes things harder for me, because I just don’t think about it as much. So do as I say and not necessarily as I do on this. Stay well hydrated year round and your body will thank you. Here is an article from Active.com with some good tips. 8 Tips for Hydrating In Cold Weather

2 thoughts on “Hydration Isn’t Just A Summer Concern”

  1. Hi David,
    Do you have many folks show up for the group runs? I’ve never done any group training runs myself. Sounds like it would be fun tho. Have a Good One!

    1. Hey Ken,
      We have anywhere from 4 or 5 to 20 right now. It depends on the weather mostly. This Saturday is supposed to be great weather so I suspect we will have a bigger group. We don’t have a set running plan for the group. We generally just chat for a few minutes and see if someone is planning to run or walk around the same pace/distance as you. If so take off when that person or group and get to know each other. I hope you can make it.

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