Group Run Info

I don’t want any of us to look like the lady at the end of this video. My assumption is that the county has more important things to do than spend Saturday morning clearing the trail at White Hall. So out of an abundance of safety I am going to cancel the “official” Group Run for Saturday at White Hall.

I am at the beginning of my marathon training and skipping long runs is a definite no-no so I still plan to do my 7 mile run. I am planning to head to downtown Richmond and run some roads. I don’t have a route picked because I will plan to┬áhead out looking for roads and/or sidewalks that are cleared enough to run on. If someone wants to join me for all or some of that 7 miles I will be at Mike’s Hike & Bike at 8:00am to get started. Let me know if you plan to come so I will be on the lookout for you.

Stay safe and enjoy the weather. I know it’s cold, but think of the great cross training you can do shoveling your driveway. If you need some extra cross training I will send you my address.

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