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I went for my morning training run this morning and the wind chill at 5:30 when I was heading out was 1. That’s right ONE. I was stressed a little bit about it last night and didn’t want to set my alarm, but I knew to reach my goals I need to stay committed so I did it.

When I got outside and started going I quickly realized that I wasn’t really cold. I had on a sweatshirt and sweatpants to stay warm and they worked. I think it is possible that this was the coldest run I have made ever and it is certainly the coldest I have done since I started this new running journey last spring.

Last night I was telling my wife how I prefer morning runs in the spring because of the weather and the daylight. As I think about my run this morning though I believe I prefer January morning runs to August runs. When it is 95 outside and feels like 105 you just can’t get any relief. There is nothing you can do to escape the fact that your body is not going to be able to go at the normal output. The sun and heat will zap the energy right out of you.  With cold winter runs you can add more layers and protect yourself from the cold.

In the summer it is most crucial to stay well hydrated, but even doing that your body will lose water so quickly on long runs that it is really hard to keep up. Hydration is important during the winter as well, but the loss to perspiration is a lot less and you can stay adequately hydrated fairly easy. I won’t go as far to say that January is my favorite time of year to run, but I will say I won’t fear cold morning runs the way I have in the past.

I know it is cold, and I know that it is more fun to sleep in, but if you have a spring full or half marathon planned you need to ignore the cold and start running. Layer up, grab some gloves and a hat and hit the road. Summer is without a doubt better for beaches, but I think winter will prove itself to be better for running if you will give it a go.

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