3 Things To Keep In Mind As You Start Running

Lady leg running

Running can offer your body and mind so many benefits that it is hard to count. If you take up running though, a lot of people will start telling you about all the negatives it can have on your body. They aren’t wrong, running can be very hard on your body if you don’t follow a few simples rules.

#1 Let your body tell you when it is time to ease off.

When you first get started this isn’t a major problem because you are likely still needing to convince yourself to push past the fatigue. Fatigue is different than your body telling you something is wrong. When you do start running thru fatigue to the point that is stressing your body you have to start listening to it. An extra rest day for a sore knee may be all it takes to get back to where you want to be. Or not doing sprints on a sore ankle is probably a good idea. Learn to listen to your body and it will take you where you want to go.

#2 Give your body proper fuel.

Food and water may play a much bigger role than you could imagine in how your daily runs go. Your body really wants proper nutrition to be able to go faster and farther, but if you don’t give it the fuel it needs it just doesn’t have the stuff to do it. Running more may allow you to eat those donuts without gaining weight, but they will still have an affect on your run and overall health. Runners World has this good article your should check out about healthy eating for runners. The Healthy Runner’s Diet

#3 Work on better running mechanics.

How you run is just as important as how much your run in relation to injury prevention. How your foot lands on the ground all the way up to how tall you stand running can make a huge difference in your likely hood of injury. Running is just like any other sport. Anyone can pick up a baseball bat and swing it trying to hit a baseball, but the more efficient the swing is the better your results are. Just like that anyone can go run, but the more efficient the stride is the better. Here is an article that will give you a few steps you can work on to try and improve your mechanics that will help prevent injury and could actually help you run faster. Functional Form: 4 Fixes to Improve Your Running Mechanics

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