Treadmills Are Dangerous. Run Outside.

WARNING – Some of these people are shocked when they fall and profanities are apparently their first response to surprise.

I have written on here before about my distain for running on treadmills. It seems like a good plan this time of year. 25 degree temps and short days make good treadmill weather. I get that, but look at how dangerous these things are. 😉

In a perfect world we would always have beautiful weather and the ability to get outside and move. In reality life gets in the way sometimes. If you have access to a treadmill and can knock out a workout then so be it. If you are like me though you may get more satisfaction out of getting outside and pushing yourself through the numb fingers and frozen face.

I have a hard time getting up for morning runs when it is this dark and cold, but without a doubt I feel better about myself the entire day because I did it. Hopefully you all feel the same and I will see you tomorrow morning for our Group Run.

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