People Being Aware of Run Richmond Still Amazes Me


Run Richmond has been growing and gaining some pretty incredible momentum. Group runs are getting bigger, website traffic is trending up. All of that momentum is from you guys talking about Run Richmond and Facebook. I was thinking last week that I may be limiting our reach by not using the other main forms of social media to reach even more people with Run Richmond’s message. So I created Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Now by nature I am a person that likes to connect with people in person. That is one of the coolest things about running in general, but Run Richmond in particular to me. I get to meet and spend time with a lot of different people. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have their good points (and their bad), but I would much rather spend time running and talking with all of you. 

I went to a meeting about Run Richmond yesterday and I was introduced to people that had no idea why I was there and weren’t part of our meeting. When I was introduced to them as the guy behind Run Richmond both of them knew what Run Richmond was. That always blows me away and reaffirmed that social media is a major key to the success of Run Richmond.

I want to encourage each of you to get behind Run Richmond on social media. Share stuff that you find interesting (hopefully there is something every now and then). When you find interesting stuff on other sites hashtag #runrichmondky and share it so that the rest of us can find it. When you go out to run or walk share that to social media with the #runrichmondky.

I haven’t seen a running program yet that won’t let you share your activities. Sharing these activities can encourage your non run/walk friends to get out and join you. Don’t be afraid to put it out there because you think your time is slow. Put it out their to show all your friends that you are doing what is necessary to make a difference in your life. And just maybe your competitive spirit will kick in and you will push yourself harder just to make that next time a little faster.

Twitter is @runrichmondky

Instagram is



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