Garmin Forerunner 210 with Heart Rate Monitor



I ordered this exact watch refurbished from Walmart back in the summer. It is a great price on a really good GPS watch. The heart rate monitor is a nice feature to have if your focus is weight loss. It will help you get your workout going at the pace that is working your heart hard enough, but not too hard.

The accuracy of this watch is going to be far greater than your smart phone can do. Plus you get the benefit of being able to put your phone in a pocket or sleeve and forgetting about it. A GPS watch is required to get in a good run, but if you like the details and want to look over data it’s a great tool to have. Smartphones do the job, especially for walking, but a dedicated gps device has a larger GPS antenna and therefore gets a more accurate symbol.

Now when you get out there and run most tracking site (Garmin Connect, RunKeeper, etc.) will let you post your run to social media. This is an easy way to get some accountability and let your friends know that you are up and moving. You would be surprised how many people have been motivated to run or walk just because they see post about it from friends. It’s very possible you have other friends that run or walk as well and you just don’t know about. Post your stuff to social media. Be an example to the people you know. Don’t stress that you may not be as fast as you would like to be, because the other people doing it won’t care and the people sitting on the couch aren’t going as fast as you anyway. When you post your activities to social media use the hash tag #runrichmondky. With that Run Richmond can┬ábe seen by more people that may be interested in what you and I are doing.

GARMIN FORERUNNER 210 $249.00 watch for $79.98

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