Yesterday Was A Good Day


You can call it the New Years Resolution effect or you can say that Kat Pagano is a major celebrity, but for whatever reason yesterday was a record day for Run Richmond. There are a lot of people interested in what is happening in the running community of Richmond, KY.

I have shared on the site a few times different parts of my motives for starting Run Richmond and what my future plans are, but with the new influx of readers I felt it was time to get those thoughts a little more organized easily accessible.

I have put together a vision & mission page on this site. It will help you understand how Run Richmond was born, what we want to accomplish and how we plan to do it.  If any one has questions about how to be involved or suggestions of activities or programs that we can initiate let me know. I don’t intend Run Richmond to be something that is David Stewart giving out advice and encouragement. As a community of people we need to strive to make Richmond a better place. Each of us can play a part in that.

For starters I encourage everyone to get signed up to run, walk or volunteer for the Officer Daniel Ellis Memorial 5K. That is going to be an event not just a race. The Richmond community is rallying behind Katie Ellis and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if there are well over 1000 participants. The cause is worthy and the opportunity to build community with others is huge.

If you are new to Run Richmond or even if you have been involved already, but want more info, check out the Vision and Mission page. I hope to see a bunch of you Saturday for our next group run.


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