2016 North Lime Donut Dash 3K

North-Lime-Donut-Dash_3K-2016This is a race you can really sink your teeth into. This race isn’t in Richmond, but if you have ever had a North Lime Donut you know it is worth the drive to Lexington.

Proceeds from the race are going to a great local charity and I believe it is limited on the number of participants so I would get signed up ASAP. If you are new to Run Richmond or running in general this may be a great race to sign up for. 3 Kilometers is just over 1.86 miles so the distance is a great starter race. Not to mention the fact that you get a North Lime Donut when you finish.

Get the details for the race here North Lime Donut Dask 3K. Comment on here if you sign up and maybe we can get some sort of Run Richmond team up there.

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