2016 Is When Things Start Happening


Run Richmond was born in 2015 and is just now starting to get some legs to get things done. I for one am extremely encouraged by the support I have received and that has been offered in the last few months. Clearly there is a community of people in Richmond that want to connect around their love of running/walking.

We all have our own reasons to get up and move, but it doesn’t really matter what the reason is. If you feel the desire to get up and go there is someone in Richmond who is willing to do it with you. My motivation to run started because of a need to lose weight. I lost quite a bit and still wish to lose more. My motivation now has a whole lot more to do with bringing people together and building community with people that share my passion for running than losing another 15 pounds.

We have probably had 30 or so different people that have been there for at least one group run. Out of those people I probably knew 10 of them before Run Richmond was born. I have talked with many others over Facebook about Run Richmond and expect to talk to many more. 2015 was the beginning of a good thing. 2016 is when, I hope, Run Richmond will become significant to the Richmond community.

We have already signed on to help staff the Officer Daniel Ellis Memorial 5K. The money made from that race will go towards the Foundation Katie Ellis is starting in Daniel’s name. Her plans are to do great things for the people of Richmond through that foundation.

That race is in March, around October I hope to have a Run Richmond 10K. It should be the first of many Run Richmond races. After that we hope to have the Run Richmond 1/2 Marathon in May 2017. This race was my original vision behind Run Richmond. What has happened it a few short months in 2015 has convinced me that Richmond has the runners to make this event viable. Not only that, but I now have an extra 170 or so friends on Facebook to help spread the word.

Thank you to everyone that has been part of Run Richmond in 2015. I didn’t really know if I could pull something like this off starting in the winter, but as I expected runners are crazy and will show up no matter what. I will keep the details coming as they happen about future races and events, but for now get signed up for the Officer Daniel Ellis Memorial 5K.

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