Are You Ready For The New Year?

resolution run

I thought I was ready for 2016. I keep making plans for training runs to help me prepare for this race on January 1 and things keep getting in the way. Occasionally it’s my own laziness, but most times it’s just life getting in the way. I am still very excited about the race and fully committed to running. I just don’t know that my body is in the shape that I wanted it to be before this race.

I have looked at the registrations on the race website and I see some Run Richmond names on there and look forward to seeing you Friday. This is an inexpensive race that is a great distance. If you can do 3.1 miles you can take a little step up and do 5 miles. It isn’t too late to sign up. The registration page is HERE.

decalI have window decals for now!

The first male and female Resolution Run finisher that likes or comments on the Facebook post that links this post will get a free window decal. I will have decals available at the Resolution Run for $1.00.

2016 is going to be a great year for runners/walkers in Richmond. The conversations I am having about starting a race series in Richmond are going great and I hope to have some definite plans to announce fairly soon.

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  1. Me and Andy won’t make the Jan 1 run. We will see you the following Saturday though. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. I enjoy reading your Blogs.

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