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This story is about a girl that trained hard even when it didn’t seem to matter or be working. She kept at it and her goals became a reality. I think sometimes we forget that God never promised that our path would be easy or comfortable. He did promise though that He would be there to help us through.  This girl understood that if she stuck with it she had a chance to do what she wanted. Nothing was guaranteed, but she had a chance.

If you give up there is only one outcome. You fail. If you push through even when it is hard you have other outcomes available. No guarantee that you accomplish your goal, but at least you have a shot. When we struggle to stay focused we are normal. Everyone has struggles. The difference is whether or not we keep our eye on the goal instead of on the battle. If we focus on each individual run or each individual meal we cut shorter than we want it will be exhausting. If you can change your focus to concentrating on the fact that this week was better than last and next week will be better than this week you start to see a pattern that is heading towards your ultimate goal.

Your goal could be a race, a weight or a new level of health. It doesn’t really matter what the goal is. The way to reach the goal will be the same. Stay focused on the ultimate goal and not the individual battles. Celebrate the victories and learn from the failures. Every human being struggles. Don’t beat yourself up just because you are human.

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