Are You A Real Runner?

bad weather

If this whole running this is fairly new to you then you probably doubted at some point that you are a real runner. When we make a life change and try to move into new habits it takes a long time before the new habits feel like the real you. It’s easy to think of your self as a lazy person pretending to be a runner or even walker. In reality that is crazy. The only thing you need to do to become a real runner or walker is to get up and move. There is no qualification system, no times that must be met and most importantly no secret meetings that the real runners go to.

I could probably type 30 paragraphs of stuff about why you need to embrace the idea of being a runner, but if you like me there is probably some little voice in the back of your head telling you it isn’t true. That is the same voice that gets you in trouble in all kinds of situations. Someday we have to figure out how to shut that guy up and believe in ourselves.

One thing you have going for you right now that will help you buy into the idea that you are a runner is our weather. It’s easy to get outside when it’s 60 degrees and the leaves are changing colors and in general it just makes you feel good to be outside. Have you looked outside lately? Sure the last couple days have been nice, but outside of that the weather has been cold, rainy and ugly. Not exactly the postcard picture you get of running in Kentucky during the fall. No matter how far you normally run I can assure you that you are going to feel more accomplished if you do it on a cold muddy and/or snowy December day than you would in October.

In October it is easy to enjoy the run. In December it takes some work to get out of the house. If you buy in enough to keep running through the winter than you are a full blown runner and can start coming to the secret meetings. Oh, wait that’s right there are no secret meetings. Forget I said that.

Running and walking is worth the effort it takes no matter what time of year and what the weather looks like. You can only get so wet, so run in the rain. You can layer up, so run in the snow. You will not only get the benefits you would any other time of year, but you will also feel the pride of knowing that you just did it when 90% of the other runners/walkers are afraid to get out of the house.

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