Your Definition Of Success Can Change Your Point Of View

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I believe one of the most important things a person can do to have success is set goals. Because of my faith I am a fan of setting big goals and working as hard as I can for it and then letting God get me the rest of the way. Some people need to have little wins along the way to stay motivated and there is nothing wrong with that. So along with your big goal set some more attainable things along the path that let you know you are actually getting somewhere.

If you are running or walking either one you are doing more to improve your physical self than the majority of Americans. Celebrate that in and of itself as a win. Maybe you aren’t meeting the big goal you have for yourself at this time, but are you living into a lifestyle that is making you a better person? Are you working towards habits that are going to help you get closer to your ultimate goal? If so, you have wins to celebrate.

I don’t believe that success is determined by whether or not you actually achieve some goal that you have set for yourself. As hard as it may be to accept, sometimes God has other plans for our lives. Maybe running a marathon is your goal, that is a great goal that I set for myself in 2016. I believe I will make it happen and it is fairly attainable for me. I would really like to finish that marathon in under 4 hours. That is something that I may be a little tougher to pull off. There is a certain amount of dedication that is required of a person to finish a marathon in 4 hours.

The training for that takes months and will eat up long parts of Saturdays and lots of hours throughout the week. I am an extremely busy person right now. I have a full time job in the printing industry. I have a part time job as a youth pastor and I am working to get Run Richmond off the ground. This isn’t a setup that gives a lot of free time to do serious training for a marathon. I have no intention of giving up though and saying it isn’t possible. I am going to train as hard as I can and see what happens. The important thing is that I am working towards my goal and staying motivated. I will finish a marathon and that will be a success. I may finish in under four hours and I will be ecstatic if I do.

Working toward the goal of the marathon is going to help me get my weight down to a point that I haven’t seen as a grown man. I should make it to a point that my BMI says I am not overweight. 8 months ago I was considered extremely obese. I refuse to beat myself up if I don’t quite reach a time goal on a race when my entire life is headed in the right direction. I set goals for motivation and I work for them, but in the end I trust that God has a plan for my life and sometimes his plan interferes with my plans. If I gave up my position as a youth pastor I would have more time to train for a marathon. I would drastically increase my chances of getting under 4 hours. I am willing to trust that God’s plan is better than mine. I will work towards my goals as hard as I can and always celebrate the wins. Most importantly I refuse to beat myself up for the misses. In the end I know that I am on the right course.

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    1. 100 Miler sounds like big goals to me. From what I have seen I think that “big” goal is clearly attainable for you. Good Luck. Now I have to pick my marathon to sign up for.

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