Really Cold Runs Are In Our Future

Cold Runs

I have written on here before about cold weather runs and I know eventually it is going to get cold and stay cold. This weekend I was running in shorts and a tank top and sweating a lot. That is not normal for December. That is also not going to last. I don’t care what your beliefs are about global warming, at some point it is going to get cold and stay cold for a long period of time.

Waiting till the spring thaw to get back into running isn’t a good idea. You worked all summer-fall-early winter getting your body into the shape it is now. That may have been a lot of work or a little work, but either way whatever gains you have you don’t want to let slip away by hiding in the warmth inside the house. Layer up and get outside and run. Or if you prefer find a treadmill and do your best hamster impression.

The point is that when something is worthwhile to do it is worth doing even when its hard. Nobody said training for a half marathon would be easy. Nobody said losing 25 pounds would be easy. Nobody said saving your own life by conquering obesity would be easy. As a matter of fact I can promise you everyone one of those things is going to be hard. If it wasn’t hard though it wouldn’t be any where near as rewarding.

I found an article on Run Haven by Alison Barsalona that seem to capture the thoughts I have during cold winter runs. See if you agree.

  1. Ok! Time for my run. It may be a little cool out there but after a half mile I’ll be warmed up and toasty.
  2. What a beautiful day! An absolute winter wonderland. Who needs sunshine when you could have snowflakes?
  3. Ah, it’s so tranquil out here. Just me and the sound of my footsteps. I don’t know why I’m the only one out running. Where is everyone? You’d have to be stupid to want to miss out on the glorious peace and quiet.
  4. Boy, it sure is brisk, isn’t it? There’s a definite chill out here. No problem, that fresh crisp air will open up my lungs and make me run even faster.
  5. Did I misread the weather forecast this morning? Was there a negative before that 30?
  6. Probably should have put on another layer.
  7. Or fourteen.
  8. I’ve been warming up for two miles now and I am colder than when I started.
  9. I can’t feel my toes. Or my nose. Definitely have frostbite. I am going to be toe-less and nose-less when I get home. If I ever get home.
  10. This is not tranquil. This is stone cold silence. Just me and the sound of my teeth chattering inside my head. I’m the only one out here because I’m the only person stupid enough to run in winter.
  11. I am so freaking cold. Freezing cold. Frozen.
  12. Let it gooooo, let it goooooo!
  13. Damn that song is catchy.
  14. Omg I have a major snot situation going on right now. My nose isn’t just running, it’s sprinting. Why did I not bring any tissues?
  15. Conspiracy theory- little old ladies who keep tissues in their sleeves are secretly seasoned winter runners.
  16. Now I’m hot. How can I be hot? Yet I’m so very cold. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY BODY???
  17. Gotta snap out of it. Let’s get the blood pumping. Time for some butt kicks and air punches. And hip shaking and finger snapping. Ok fine. Dancing.
  18. Oh heyyy neighbor! Didn’t realize anyone could see me. Smooth moves, right?
  19. So close to home. Sprint!
  20. My mind says I’m sprinting but I might just be running in place?
  21. Everything hurts. My joints. My bones. My hair.
  22. HOME. Hot shower, hot shower hot sh-owwwww that hurts. I’m being stabbed with a thousand tiny needles.
  23. I deserve some hot cocoa.
  24. Make that a hot toddy.


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