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We had some new faces show up last week for the run and that gets me excited about what Run Richmond is starting to accomplish.  There has been some questions sent to me over the last couple of weeks about our group runs and I want to make sure I address those for anyone else wondering. Run Richmond is technically considered a “Running Group”, but I am not a person that likes to fit into molds and I don’t have the intention of creating a traditional “Running Group”.

What Run Richmond hopes to be is a place for people to get inspired to use movement to get healthier and build relationships with other people doing the same. Your version of movement may be walking while mine is running, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t inspire each other. If you are wanting to come out and walk a mile and then leave that is fine. If you are training for a marathon and want somebody to run with that is fine too. I can’t guarantee you will find someone to do a 18 mile run with you, but some weeks that is possible.

I have for most of my life hated the idea of going to the gym. Working out with or in front of other people just made me feel weak and inferior. I have joined attempted gym memberships on multiple occasions, but never felt comfortable and welcomed. With running I found a community of people that not only would slow down to run or even walk with me to encourage me, but also spend time helping me figure out how to improve when that became my goal. That is what I want to make sure is available to anyone else that decides to get up and get moving. I will run with anyone that shows up as long as I can keep up, but if you show up alone and want to walk a mile or two and see how you feel, I’m am good to join that as well.

Last Saturday we had moms walking together, dads running together and a high schooler jogging with a grandma and that doesn’t include all the different groups. Most of these people didn’t show up with the people they took off with. You come tomorrow and there is a really good chance that someone will be there waiting to run/walk/jog or even crawl (sometimes that necessary for the home stretch) with you. I hope to see you tomorrow morning.

Each week the info for the Group Run will be posted on the Group Runs page.

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