Cut Yourself Some Slack

lady runner

Run Richmond is a young group and we have several people coming that I believe would consider themselves fairly new to running or walking. That is a great thing considering one of my goals for Run Richmond is to get more people moving and focused on their health. I know it can be very intimidating to walk into a new group and be the new person, but even worse consider yourself not worthy or up to par with the others in the group. 

There is one thing I have learned over the last year that I wish everyone would understand: runners are, for the most part, pretty social people that will run with most anyone that is willing to run. Veteran runners willingly give advise to new runners. When  you are passionate about something, as most runners are about running, you want to share that with others. So it make take some nerve to get out there and make yourself vulnerable in the beginning, but it is so worth it. If you want to get moving to get healthy Run Richmond is a place you can come. Most Saturdays we meet and run or walk at White Hall Park (check group run page). Come out and give it a go. The worst thing that can happen is you don’t enjoy it and you never have to come back. Most likely though you can start building relationships with people on the same journey you are.

For those of you that still need convincing that a run group is right for you this article may help.  CUT YOURSELF SOME SLACK

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