Resolution Run, My New Gut Check

resolution run

They named it the Resolution Run, but I plan to start using this race as a gut check each year. What better than a 5 mile run each January 1 to see if you have kept up with your training throughout the year. Plus you get the added bonus of motivation to  make sure you don’t over do it with Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

I plan to sign up for this one and encourage you to do the same. Run Richmond can make the Resolution Run our first group race. If there is enough interest I could even get Run Richmond shirts made that we can wear.

Running or walking either one is OK for this. If you think you aren’t going to have a good enough time sign up anyway. The goal for this race each January should be to see how you have changed in a year. This is perfect for beginning runners and walkers. It has enough distance to give you a good challenge, but not so much that it isn’t doable. I looked the course map up and it is flat so you don’t have to worry about hills messing with your motivation. Get that first time recorded this year and see how much better you do after a year of group runs with Run Richmond.

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