Races Are Faster in December…It’s Too Cold to Run Slow!


I have learned over the years that for me and many others the best way to stay motivated to train is to have something to train for. It is easy, especially in the winter, to convince yourself that skipping today won’t hurt much. Then maybe skipping one day leads to two days and the next thing you know you are only exercising every now and then with no real focus.

Having a goal race this summer of the Iron Horse Half Marathon played a huge part in me staying focused on training. I didn’t miss one training run for the entire official 12 week training program. It just wasn’t an option to miss. I knew that to meet my goals I had to put in the work. Since the races are over and I haven’t signed up for anything new my training has dropped from 4 days a week to 2 and sometimes 3 days a week. I get my Saturday runs in with some of you guys, but the rest of the week I try to squeeze something in after work if I can. With that mindset in almost never happens.

I need to get a new goal. I want to run some trail races this winter and will be looking for options, but in the short term there are 5K races available year round. Races in December usually have a fun Christmas theme and are actually a lot of fun to do. Several years ago (during my first attempt at becoming a runner) I ran the very first Jingle Bell Run for the Rotary Club in Berea. It was a blast and I actually got a medal. The medal had more to do with the fact that it was the first year and there weren’t a lot of runners and less to do with my time.

I haven’t looked at my schedule enough to know if I can do that race this year or not, but I hope to be able to. I want to get signed up for something so I have a reason to make sure I get out there and run on a consistent basis.  You can always find lots of race options on Johns Run Walk Race Calendar page but I have linked three races below that would be good options.

Jingle Bell Run in Berea

Reindeer Ramble in Lexington

St. Nicholasville Ugly Sweater in Nicholasville

Thanks to Kris from our Run Richmond group for pointing out this 5 mile option in Lexington on January 1. 5 miles is actually more comfortable for me than 3.1 so I am really looking forward to this one.

Resolution Run 5 Miler in Lexington


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