New Focus – New Diet



If you have read much on here you know that running for me began as a journey to lose weight. It wasn’t a desire to become a runner or to create a running group/website. It was purely the fact that I was obese and didn’t want to stay that way. I started dieting and realized that being extremely strict with calories was difficult for me and adding running made the calorie equation easier to handle. More movement = more calories burned and that means that more calories can be consumed.

That has worked really good for me up to this point and I managed to lose 55 lbs and get really close to what is considered a healthy weight. It drives me crazy that I haven’t gotten there yet. According to BMI I am still overweight and I think that is accurate.

What is bothering me know is that the lifestyle I created for myself, the healthy one, still wasn’t 100% sustainable. I lost the majority of my weight while training for the two half marathons I ran this summer. The amount of running I was doing then was more than I can do year round and more than I want my body to endure non-stop. Since I am not running as much as before I haven’t lost any weight since October 1. As a matter of fact I have gained around 5 lbs.

I have to make a new change. As much as I see running being a major part of the rest of my life, it can’t be the crutch that I rely on to keep losing weight. I still need to eat healthy foods in moderate proportions to keep losing weight if I want to reach my goal of not being overweight. Running and/or walking is amazing and can be a major part in your health transformation. If you plan to outrun an unhealthy diet it just won’t work, I have tried. It may be sustainable for a while, but not long term. Finding good, healthy food that you like is extremely important. If you are like me you need to eat pizza and French fries every once in a while to keep your sanity, but for the most part it needs to be a diet of fruits, vegetable, whole grains and lean meats. With exercise and diet both playing their part it is easy to  enjoy a bad meal every now and then. You can outrun a pizza, you just can’t out run pizza everyday.

I am publicly stating that I will eat more healthy starting today. Hopefully some of you that have been struggling will join me. It doesn’t make any sense to wait for a new years resolution. Make the changes now and celebrate the change in the new year.

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