Fitbit Says Runners Are Fitter And They Are Experts On Fit

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I am a huge fan of Garmin products and have really questioned over the last few years the accuracy that Fitbit could be getting on their units without GPS. I bought my wife a Fitbit this summer. I settled on the fact that it may not be very accurate, but no matter how accurate it is tracking movement gives you an opportunity to get motivation. After seeing it in action I can concede that it may be a little more accurate than I thought, but I will still need my Garmin GPS. Fitbit is doing what it can to win over runners though.

An article I read on RunHaven quotes a study by Fitbit of their users that shows runners are fitter than non runners. They have tons of data on their users and after looking through data of 1 million users it shows that runners are in deed healthier than users that didn’t run. I know that shouldn’t seem like a huge surprise to someone reading this site, but we are told frequently that walking is just as good as running.

I even wrote an article yesterday explaining how running can be bad for you, and it can be. The amount of running needed to make it unhealthy is extreme. If you are a normal person that enjoys running you, according to Fitbit, most likely are healthier than your non running friends. Don’t let that discourage you if you are a walker because imagine how much healthier you are because of the walking than you would be without it. If you are a walker that wants to take it to the next level, I think that is great and would be happy to discuss that with you.

Running isn’t something that people start our being good at. If you aren’t a runner and decide to go out and run a mile there is a good chance you will decide you aren’t a runner and need to stick to walking. I can assure you from personal experience and the stories I have been told that you can become a runner. Very few new runners actually see it as an enjoyable or sustainable experience in the beginning. You have to ease into it, but also accept that you are going to feel like crap. Your body doesn’t know how to handle the extra pressure you are putting on it. You quite likely will feel like you can’t breathe, your side is going to get a pain that you will never forget and your legs are going to start sending SOS messages to your brain. All of that is normal and doesn’t mean you aren’t a runner. It just means that your body isn’t used to running yet. Start slow and build up slow. Over time your body will handle it better and according to Fitbit you will be fitter.


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