I saw this online this morning and thought it was great. I hope this is helpful if you are struggling with this decision.

True or False:

1. I have no real need to get anywhere when I run; I enjoy running for hours only to end up in the same… place I started. T / F

2. Any sport in which people have been known to literally die of exhaustion while participating is just the kind of sport I’ve been looking for. T / F

3. I enjoy eating as many calories as I want and not gaining any weight. T / F

4. I’m interested in finding out exactly how many muscles I have in my legs. T / F

5. I have no problem being athletically inferior to someone twice my age. T / F

6. I’ve been sleeping in way too much, so I’ve been looking for something to take up a few hours on my Saturday mornings. T / F

7. I want to perfect the art of peeing in a shrub without being seen by anyone. T / F

8. My knee joints are overrated. T/F

9. I have no stairs in my home. T/F

10. Sometimes, when I’m driving long distances of, say, fifteen miles or so, I feel the overwhelming urge to pull my car over and simply run the rest of the way. T/F

11. I have a very good health plan. T/F

Multiple Choice:

12. For a good time I prefer to: a. Eat tacos.  b. Watch TV.  c. Watch TV while eating tacos.  d. Run around in circles for four hours.

13. I prefer outfits that are: a. Flattering.  b. Inexpensive.  c. Not full of holes.  d. Skin-tight and rash-inducing.

14. One of my favorite things is:  a. Sleeping in on Saturday morning.  b. Walking up a flight of stairs without taking a break in the middle.  c. Having all my toenails intact.  d. Training for a marathon.

If you answered “True” to Numbers 1-11 and “D” to Numbers 12-14, you are ready to train for a marathon! And to begin some sort of psychotherapy. So strap on those shoes, grab your water bottle, and jog down to your shrink’s office! It’s trainin’ time!

Credit for the test goes to Gibson’s Daily Running Quotes.

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