Make A Runner Happy


I have talked a lot on here about things you can do to keep moving or convince your self to actually get moving. This one is for people that are already actually out there moving regularly and putting in the work. Well actually it’s for the people that love them.

When you run a lot there are a few things that just happen and you can’t avoid it. First of all you sweat a lot and if you run frequently you develop a lot of sweaty laundry. This either sits around all week until laundry day and creates it’s own special kind of funk or you do laundry frequently. Nobody enjoys doing laundry frequently so this is part of running that just isn’t fun.

When you run a lot your feet take a lot of abuse. Some people end up with crazy blisters and toe nails that turn all sorts of funky colors. Right now my daughter has some gray toe nail polish on 9 toes. I would bet you $10 that you couldn’t quickly guess which toe isn’t painted. Toe nail #10 is almost the exact same color as the painted toes. Why gray? How did it end up the same color of gray as her other toes? I have lots of questions with this situation and really no answers. Runners feet need a lot of attention.

My point is that if you love a runner there is a long list of things that you could do for them just to show that you care. That runner is putting in longs hours quite possibly because they know that is the best way for them to maintain a healthy lifestyle that will let them be part of your life long term. If you want to do something nice for them and just don’t know what a runner would want. I can can take care of that for you. This article on Run Haven list 11 Ways to Spoil Your Favorite Runner and after reading it I hope my wife actually reads my blog post. :-)

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