#1 Reason to Run…Being Chased By Pirates

sparrow Chased

Getting outside to get moving with a good run or walk can be an extremely enjoyable event. Many people, myself included, look forward to time out there thinking and enjoying the idea that this is making me healthier. Some people though just don’t buy into the idea of running or walking.

It may seem to daunting of a task, or maybe there is a fear of not being able to keep up with the people you would enjoy running or walking with. It may not be easy to do in the beginning, but that would be the reason you start small and build up. If it is a walk to the end of the street and back the first time that is fine. In time with some consistency that will become a walk around the entire subdivision. After that maybe a walk around the subdivision with some run time mixed in on the down hills.  If the idea of not being able to keep up worries you then you just need to find the right people to go with. I for one am willing to run or walk at any pace with someone that wants to get moving. I believe that most people that have transformed their health with the help of running and walking would be willing to do the same. Speed doesn’t matter. Consistency of actually moving is what matters.

I heard someone say a long time ago that he wouldn’t run until he saw a runner going down the road with a smile on his face. I adopted that phrase as my own for many years. I believed that to be completely true – that runners are miserable the entire time and can’t truly enjoy what they are doing. Part of that can be true. It is pretty miserable when you are pushing your training to try and gain speed, distance or meet some personal goal. Pushing your body beyond what it is used to can be very difficult. That isn’t the goal every time you go out though. Some days you are just out there at a comfortable pace trying to maintain what you have already gained. That is the same for running or walking.

When I was a believer of the “…with a smile on his face.” quote I don’t think I actually ever looked for a smile. I run with a lot of people now and frequently we laugh at each other, stories, jokes, or any other number of things. I am fairly confident that when people see me running with a group of friends they will see a smile if they watch very long at all. So get outside and try it. You may find that it makes you smile as well.

If this isn’t enough to convince you to get outside and run or walk then check out this article that list 30 reasons. Maybe one of them will convince you.

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