How Running Played A Role In My New Life

new life

Over the last few years my body and life have gone through some pretty dramatic changes. I have discussed on here that I have lost over 50 lbs. this year with the help of running, but over the last few years my mind and soul have been getting healthier as well.

I have decided other times in the past that I wanted to lose weight. This time though I didn’t want to lose weight, I actually wanted to get healthier. I had realized that without changes I wasn’t going to be around for my wife and daughters long term. I was selfishly eating things that made me happy, but ultimately they would be paying the price at some time in the future. When that really clicked in my mind eating better became easier and I knew running would get help me reach my goals.

The running took a little longer to become a comfortable part of my normal routine, but that finally happened when I surrounded myself with other runners. I started running with anybody that would run. I have ran with people from pretty much every generation. Once those relationships had been built running became an enjoyable part of my life instead of the thing I did to help reach my goals.

It is pretty funny to me as I look back now the similarity of my physical journey and my faith journey over the last few years. I was never very serious about my faith over the years, but from time to time I would buckle down and make an attempt to live better. Usually it would last weeks or even months and then fall back into old habits. Does that sound anything like normal dieting results to you all?

A few years ago, Veronica and I decided that we really needed to make changes not just for us, but for our kids. We wanted them to grow up seeing us take our faith more serious. We found a church that felt different to us and we decided to get involved. Instead of doing things on our own (as we had at many churches before) we decided to jump in and really do what we could to be part of the church family. This was what we had missed in the past. In the past church was just what we did to meet our goals instead of becoming part of our life. Now our church is our family. We do life with our church family instead of attending church to feel like we did what we should do.

Both situations changed drastically for me because of relationships. My closest relationships gave me reasons to be motivated and the relationships that I built with people that were on the same journey helped me get to where I wanted to be. I am without a doubt a people person. I get energized by being around other people. When I started surrounding myself with people that lived the type of life I wanted to live and did the types of things I wanted to do I was influenced by those people.

When you have a common mission with a people in your life it is so much easier to meet your goals. If it is health in general, running or even a spiritual journey that you are most interested in I hope that I can be part of that mission. Relationships with people on mission make me a better person.


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