Run Richmond 26.2….Quarter Horse Marathon Relay

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I put out a teaser on Facebook that Run Richmond is bringing a 26.2 to Richmond and you guys went crazy. At Run Richmond we like doing things a little bit different than the norm. We have been talking with our buddies at RaceRise about the Quarter Horse Marathon Relay and the decision has been made to partner on this event and move it to Richmond. White Hall Park (where Run Richmond has weekly group runs) is the perfect venue for this. Richmond needs more races that have distance. Richmond needs more races that are well run and fun to be in. This race will check all the right boxes. Continue reading Run Richmond 26.2….Quarter Horse Marathon Relay

Sometimes You Just Can’t Get A Good Balance


Have you ever been in one of those periods in your life where it seemed like running ate up all of your time? I am fairly positive if you are a marathoner, training for that the first one gave you that feeling. I can remember training for mine and thinking that it seems all I ever do is run and work. To be honest, that doesn’t sound that bad right now. But, when you are on mile 18 and have to get to 20 or 22 your perspective on that changes. Continue reading Sometimes You Just Can’t Get A Good Balance

Are You Having Fun?


It seems as if life has been a bit of a wirl wind since the Historic Haunt. I guess I put enough energy into getting things ready for the race that when it was over I had to play catch up on all my other responsibilities. Because of that I haven’t put a new blog post up here for a while. Most of you probably didn’t notice and the rest likely see it as a good thing. Either way I am somewhat caught up on life and ready to go at this again. Continue reading Are You Having Fun?

10 Days till Historic Haunt

Historic Haunt-Brave-Enough2017

We are now just 10 days from the 2017 Historic Haunt. The awards are in. The shirts are ordered and the DJ is booked. We are ready to make this happen. The 2016 Historic Haunt was Run Richmond’s first attempt to put on a race and I think we did a pretty good job. The event went off without any major issues. We had some learning moments that we had to deal with, but that is to be expected. Continue reading 10 Days till Historic Haunt

Why do you run so much? Isn’t it going to hurt your body?

Knee-painI don’t know if you have heard of the Running Shoes Guru, but it is a website that I check from time to time to get reviews on different items and see if anything new jumps out at me. At some point I ended up on a mailing list for them and get an email every now and then. The text below is from the latest email I received. I think it speaks to a problem that a lot of us runners deal with from our non-running family and friends. The big question we all get….Why do you run so much? Isn’t it going to hurt your body?

Check out what the Running Shoes Guru found for us. Continue reading Why do you run so much? Isn’t it going to hurt your body?

FREE Swiftwick Socks from Soft Shoe for Run Richmond Runners/Walkers


Over the past several years, we at Soft Shoe have noticed a big trend towards running in Richmond.

A good portion of our customers who purchase premium running shoes from brands like Brooks, Saucony, and Hoka have always bought them because they needed comfortable shoes for every day use. In recent years, we’ve seen more and more people come in who logged a good number of miles every week and needed quality running shoes because they were actually hitting the pavement/trail with them. When David Stewart started Run Richmond, we were excited about the possibilities a run club in our town could provide to grow the running lifestyle and unify area runners. Continue reading FREE Swiftwick Socks from Soft Shoe for Run Richmond Runners/Walkers

Historic Haunt

Historic Haunt-Brave-Enough2017

At this point, we are just weeks away from the 2nd Annual Historic Haunt. Details are coming together, sponsorships are about to be announced and the planning is almost over. I can’t tell you how excited I am about the Historic Haunt this year. Everything is going to be better. The county just added a big new parking lot so we don’t have to stress about getting everyone parked. We have a great new Run Richmond finish line so when you come sprinting into the finish and we get those great finish line photos there will be a big Run Richmond logo for the world to see. Plus when you cross that line you can grab a water bottle to rehydrate and then walk right over to either the food truck for food energy or the fire pit to roast a marshmallow. This is going to be awesome. Continue reading Historic Haunt